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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Winter by Mark R Slaughter

A cracked lip; raw skin.
I pined for orange flickers
Dancing off a cheery fire.

A gelid blast of arctic air
Had caught me unawares –
Reinforcing my desire.

Turning down an avenue,
I froze; suspicious trees –
Likely destined for a pyre –

Were laughing off the icy chill
Of callous winter nights.
And I? Simply to retire

Snug, inside a balmy chair
Of warming solitude:
Ah! my carol, my festive choir.

by Mark R Slaughter 

not exactly like this.. but it feels like it

Poetry of the day Review:
I live in eastern n.carolina , and for the past week the weather has been amazing, if you cant tell by my choices of poetry. Well today is so cold. Its body breaking cold. feelsbadman.jpg I really like this author though, this poem cheered me up a bit. Oh and one can not have Slaughter with out Laughter.

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  1. Some nice poetry you got there, thanks for sharing!

  2. thanks, your post had a calming effect on me...

  3. must read more from Mark R Slaughter. loved this poem!

  4. Fine post. The touch of humour is exactly right. Well judged.

  5. Like this one. And I live in Western n.c. It's pretty chilly here too

  6. Love this entry, I'm going backpacking into some bitter cold this weekend and I'll have the first few lines of this poem running through my head.

  7. I love the feel of that photo up there... I've canoed the Nantahala and parts of the Chatooga in weather that looks like that...


  8. loved this poem - hadn't heard it before - thanks

  9. My Baileys Wick is not rhyming poetry but this is better than wordy S Worth.
    You is DRIVING the pottery bus this week!

  10. That was a very pretty poem, and it captured the spirit of winter quite well!

  11. I can't lie, I get a different vibe each time I've read this one.

    I'm actually freezing cold right now. Maybe that helps.

    Good read though.
    I need more.

  12. Really loved this poem, good stuff.

  13. A cracked lip; raw skin.

    A amazing first line, it instantly captures your interest.

  14. im pretty frozen here in SoCal also...damn near 50 degrees outside as I type this! haha, I'm sure that's nothing for you folks with actual weather across the country though.

  15. I like the poem but I'm getting tired of winter.

  16. snugging on a chair with a cup of tea to beat the cold right now :P

  17. to Poetry of the Day:


    If you don't take it off, I'm not visiting your blog anymore.

  18. hhaha alright then mr cooperlife dont visit this blog anymore. ill still visit yours though. Ill tell you what though, revenue has increased 62 percent since the player has been added so if i lose you, well, im sorry.

  19. Nice poem. I like it. And, I like the music player. lol Makes your blog different from others.


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