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Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Poetry PART 2

A Celtic Ghost Recalls
Although my time is timeless on this earth,
I still recall when days of gold turned cold
and how we all believed this new year's birth
was eve that spirits roamed; bad ones grew bold!

We'd leave our homes unlit and uninviting
lest spirits might possess our souls this night.
We gathered round the fire our priests were lighting;
whooped like ghouls to give the ghosts a fright.

Through history came changes; then a drought.
I followed my descendants to the shore
of strange new land where kids with glee go out
this so-called "Halloween" from door to door.

My forebears wrongly feared the likes of me.
To think this night is mainly for the candy!

Andrea Dietrich Copywrite 2001

Out in the fields where the cornstalks lie,
Some pumpkins are sleeping, but by and by
We'll pick them and bring them one by one
Into the house for Halloween fun.

We'll scoop out the middle and cut a hat,
Make 2 eyes and a nose, what do you think of that?
Put in a candle to shine right through,
Now they're Jack-o-lanterns, BOO!

- Christopher Franko

Funny Seed
What a funny seed I found,
I wondered what would grow?
So I planted it in the ground,
And now I know!

Little leaves were first to sprout,
Growing in a line,
Then golden blossoms opened out
Along the vine.

And then something grew-and grew and grew!
The biggest ever seen!
And now I have a pumpkin-
Just in time for HALLOWEEN!

- Christopher Franko

Come With Us Halloweening
Come with us Halloweening. We'll frolic in the streets.
We'll race from house to house to house spouting "Trick-or-Treats"
and eagerly we'll each collect confections in a bag.
Fellow ghouls, we'll abandon you if you even start to lag!
No slackers in OUR party as we dash from door to door.
Unlit locations and far-removed places instinctively we ignore.
Our goal: to gather all we can hold on this wickedly winsome night,
the "All Hallowed Eve" of children's dreams for fantasy and delight
when children's wild imaginings collectively take flight
in form of ensembles of diverse kinds- of whimsey and some of fright.
For me and Dale that's part of the fun, but even better yet
is what we've been counting the days off for- is the bounty we're going to get!
And through the dark we onward dart. Watch as we trespass
people's lawns, but ones with barking dogs we cleverly bypass.
And when we find to be bulging our Halloweening sacks,
we'll double back home to deposit them; then quickly head on back
until we've covered every block of every foreknown spot
that ever we have frequented and a few that we have not!
Then speed we homeward at the time expected with some dread
when darkened windows greet us and most folks have gone to bed
to throw our candies on the floor, our pleasured eyes to feed
on chocolate bars, on licorice, and scrumptious, chewy things,
tossing out the raisins, tiny suckers or silly fruit
or offering them to our sisters who got too little loot
and last off to bed , our day complete, to dream of how we'll feast
each day of the week remaining, savoring our treasury of sweets.

© 2002, Andrea Dietrich

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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween Poetry PART 1

Pumpkin Picking

Let's go picking in the pumpkin patch.
Now we're jiggling the old gate latch.
Gate swings wide and we step inside
Pumpkins spread like an ocean tide.
You take the one like a fat balloon
I'll take the one like an orange moon.
Hike to the house in fifty paces
Then we'll carve out the pumpkin faces.

Sandra Liatsos

Halloween Past
I recall the Halloween past
Some forty years ago, I think
Be grateful they have past
Behavior then was evil

Children made costumes then
Dressed in what they made
Becoming hobos, Indians, Fat men
Witches, a big baby in a diaper,
Or a squaw with her braids

Children carried an arsenal
Soap for windows
Corn for throwing
Toilet paper for trees
Eggs for combat
Dung in a paper bag
For lighting on the teachers lawn
(Of course they stomped it out)

Mischief was the claim to fame
Outhouse's were overturned
Volkswagens were set on porches
Hay was set ablaze
If a house set empty this night
It was likely to find combustion

The children of the world today
They're not so bad it seems
If you will remember then
Children now should dress
In Angel themes

© 2000, John Stewart

It stands neglected, silent, far from the ways of men,
A lonely little cottage beside a lonely glen;
And, dreaming there, I saw it when sunset's golden rays
Had touched it with the glory of other, sweeter days.

They say the house is haunted, and -- well, it is, I guess,
For every empty window just aches with loneliness;
With loneliness that tortures and memory that flays;
Ah, yes, the house is haunted with ghosts of other days.

The ghost of childish laughter rings on the narrow stair,
And, from a silent corner, the murmur of a prayer
Steals out, and then a love song, and then a bugle call,
And steps that do not falter along the quiet hall.

The story of the old house that stands beside the glen?
That story is forgotten by every one; but when
The house is touched and softened by sunset's golden rays,
I know that ghosts must haunt it, the ghosts of sweeter days.

Margaret E. Sangster

Happy Halloween
Horror terror fright and fear,
All these words that we may hear.
Keep inside to be let out,
Just to make us scream and shout.
Set aside for just one fright,
To bring the eve hollows night.
On all hollows eve the moon is round,
All ghosts and goblins roam the ground.
Seeking souls for later rests,
Put our fears to the tests.
Shallow moans and groans of the dead,
Spooky spectres overhead.
A witch on her broom flies the skies,
The werewolf stalks with howling cries.
My vampire freind doomed with eternal life,
Our senses shattered surviving our strife.
We carve our pumpkins and give them light,
Jackolanterns glow all through the night.
Hearing voices "Trick or Treat",
And gave them something great to eat.
Childish fun and practical jokes,
Dressing up like all sorts of blokes.
What is it about this one night,
It gives all the same sweet fright.
When the doorbell rings you answer quick,
With your candy or your trick.
To give the monsters treats galore,
For this one night they'll be at your door.
So these words exclaimed by everyone seen,
They all will tell you "Happy Holloween!!!"

© 2002, Lady Syndra

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Monday, October 17, 2011

A Red, Red Rose by Robert Burns

red rose in water

O my Luve's like a red, red rose
That's newly sprung in June;
O my Luve's like the melodie
That's sweetly played in tune.

As fair art thou, my bonnie lass,
So deep in luve am I;
And I will luve thee still, my dear,
Till a' the seas gang dry:

Till a' the seas gang dry, my dear,
And the rocks melt wi' the sun;
I will luve thee still, my dear,
While the sands o' life shall run.

And fare thee weel, my only Luve,
And fare thee weel awhile!
And I will come again, my Luve,
Tho' it ware ten thousand mile.

epic gif

I happen to love this poem! I was asked to read the poem by a friend of mine and i am very thankful that i have!

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Friday, October 7, 2011

occupy wall st by jediSwift


Im sick and tired
of being at the bottom
while the top one percent
is popping the bottles
 that i bought them
ive got lean and koolaid in my cup
(getting fucked up)
and im about to become
a problem soon
as i transform into
that one voice in the room
that one voice that the people salute
that one voice that will command the aks
to be aimed at you
but thats exactly what you want
riots and mashal law
thats why the patriot act
has survived so long
you take there lives from them
and mother fuckin homes
enslave them with lies
and kill their opportunity cost
then provide them with no jobs
like the bottom 99% of the population
is just a pawn
obviously you're just a weak king
that is why u take away their guns
and surround yourselves with the peoples queen
but their is one thing that you forgot
this is a democracy
and we the people
cant be stopped
occupy wall street
is just a start
the problem has gone on for too long
and i swear to god that you're gone

we sure as fuck dont need
another tyrant in this world
so you either retire
or get hurled
into the lake of fire

chorus x2:
occupy wall st
occupy the world
occupy wall st
every boy and every girl

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