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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

It’s Dusty #oneshotwednesday by @Moondustwriter

That’s not my name
it is my occupation -Dusting
Well~ dusting one particular orb in the sky.
“why would you do that?” they ask
“It has to be done!”
As I was dusting one day, I came across something.
Sheaves and sheaves of manuscript paper;
Some of it was scribbled on.
Some of it was blank
Here’s what one page said:
“I gaze below
look upon blue and hope
water they say
it makes things grow
dust grows here
and I will die
for lack of anything
blue or green
nothing colorful in the sky.”
With a tear in my eye
a smudge on my cheek
I sent a reply (written in Moondust)
to: ” nothing colorful”
what is your name anyway?
you have plenty of hope
people gaze at you
they write songs
some kiss a lover or two
use you for calendars and such
you have a glowing reflection
that the world misses so much
when you are not showing
dont look at the dust
look at the moon
she has sweet yellow glowing.
Who cares if you are rarely up at noon!
Dear “ Moondustwriter”
“I have
I caught a ride to earth awhile back
you are right
she is beautiful
big eyes
beautiful smile
and a glow seen far and wide
and lovers …
well that’s another story.”
From yours ~” gazing at the moon”
When People ask how I got my name, Moondustwriter, I say “well that’s another story…”

Poetry of the day REVIEW:
I believe this woman has more power with words then a religious manuscript. This piece here is just one diamond more she can add to her vault of brilliantly hand crafted jewels. The whole way through this piece I could feel the solitude and desolation the moon must feel peering back at such a busy, ever changing, always evolving planet. Wishing the hecould return to its original place in the comos. Not realizing how much of a vital role he plays in the heavens. Not knowing how his existence allows for the indigo glow that he admires so much. BRILLIANCE! I totally teared up a little.



\ NIM-buhs \  , noun;
(Fine Arts) A circle, or disk, or any indication of radiant light around the heads of divinities, saints, and sovereigns, upon medals, pictures, etc.; a halo.
A cloud or atmosphere (as of romance or glamour) that surrounds a person or thing.
(Meteorology) A rain cloud.

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  1. so cool that your from atlanta I loved the city and stone mountain and especially the coke museum ;) I lived in Florida for a yeear now back in germany!! Nice blog btw!!



  2. I likes this poem. Now arrange these words into a well known phrase or saying.

    Poetry, Bus, driving,are, week ,this, you.

  3. beautiful stuff, thanks for sharing ;)

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  5. Youre really talented, keep it up and one day youll have a book deal

  6. That was a cute poem, as usual. You crazy nimbus, you...

  7. Another great poem and I always like the word Nimbus, it's always had a good sound to it.

  8. Arghhh, hard to read, but it seems really good

  9. "I have
    I caught a ride to earth awhile back
    you are right
    she is beautiful"

    thats nice :)

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