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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Weave in, Weave in, My Hardy Life. by Walt Whitman

WEAVE in! weave in, my hardy life! 
Weave yet a soldier strong and full, for great campaigns to come; 
Weave in red blood! weave sinews in, like ropes! the senses, sight weave in! 
Weave lasting sure! weave day and night the weft, the warp, incessant weave! tire not! 
(We know not what the use, O life! nor know the aim, the end—nor really aught we
But know the work, the need goes on, and shall go on—the death-envelop’d march
peace as well as war goes on;) 
For great campaigns of peace the same, the wiry threads to weave; 
We know not why or what, yet weave, forever weave.

BY Walt Whitman

Poetry of the day review:
its like a motivational poem to me, keep pushing, keep fighting no matter what, and do it happily!

Reminds me of this youtube video..

BTW!!!!! WORD OF THE DAY IS..............


  FIL-uh-math  , noun;
A lover of learning; a scholar.

Nirvana is experienced only by the true philomath.


  1. i thought that video would be 40x more inspirational than a single quote, but i was wrong. it was exponentially greater...


  2. i am enriched just a little bit more because your inspirational post!
    thank you
    and thank you for your visit and comment

  3. I was not a fan of Whitman when I read him in high school. My appreciation came much later with maturity. Thanks for this one.

  4. Nice video.

  5. wow, the combination of the poem and that awesome video have gotten me all motivated/fired up @ 1:17am to achieve great things tomorrow! haha, thanks. I might steal this video for a future post or something.

  6. Never heard of Whitman before, but i loved that.

  7. I love the inspirational youtube video!

  8. good choice for a whitman poem and the video was good to

  9. Great way to start the day! Very inspirational indeed.

  10. yeah good poem, i agree, it's quite motivational.

  11. That was excellent. I feel like going out and doing something today after reading that.

  12. Cute poem ^_^. That video is awesome too! Thought I was already following you, but I guess I wasnt??.... I am now!!

  13. I love your word of the day! Keep it up it's great!

  14. Cool post - very motivational

  15. love the video, I posted something similar the other day on my blog :)

  16. Nice poem, but better video! Philomath seems pretty obvious once you know what polymath means.

  17. Thank you for your lovely comment!

  18. That one's from Leaves of Grass, in 1891 -- here's one from 30 years prior:
    ARM'D year! year of the struggle!
    No dainty rhymes or sentimental love verses for you, terrible year!
    Not you as some pale poetling, seated at a desk, lisping cadenzas
    But as a strong man, erect, clothed in blue clothes, advancing,
    carrying a rifle on your shoulder,
    With well-gristled body and sunburnt face and hands--with a knife in
    the belt at your side,
    As I heard you shouting loud--your sonorous voice ringing across the
    Your masculine voice, O year, as rising amid the great cities,
    Amid the men of Manhattan I saw you, as one of the workmen, the
    dwellers in Manhattan;
    Or with large steps crossing the prairies out of Illinois and
    Rapidly crossing the West with springy gait, and descending the
    Alleghanies; 10
    Or down from the great lakes, or in Pennsylvania, or on deck along
    the Ohio river;
    Or southward along the Tennessee or Cumberland rivers, or at
    Chattanooga on the mountain top,
    Saw I your gait and saw I your sinewy limbs, clothed in blue, bearing
    weapons, robust year;
    Heard your determin'd voice, launch'd forth again and again;
    Year that suddenly sang by the mouths of the round-lipp'd cannon,
    I repeat you, hurrying, crashing, sad, distracted year.

  19. My cat, Walter- we call him Walt, was named after Walt Whitman. I love his work.



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