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Friday, February 25, 2011

Grey Grey Sky by Grace Hutton

Someday I will ride the great bird
Into the sky, into the grey
And will take a bright secret of mine
Into the grey, grey sky.

And the light will come, piercing my eyes
Out of the sky, out of the grey
Come blinding and searing these eyes
Out of the grey, grey sky.

And I will find comfort in this
In the wide sky, in the wide grey
In the painful dark brightness of light
Light of the grey, grey sky.

My secret will fly away home
Into the sky, into the grey
And the great bird will follow it there
Into the grey, grey sky.

And I will be riding that bird
Bird of the sky, bird of the grey
And I will come home once again
Home to the grey, grey sky.

But for now I am weighted, earthbound
One of the mud, one of the ground
And I write this sad song to sad sound
Girl of the pavement sighs. 

Grace Hutton <-- i tried to look for a wiki or something but failed.. who is she?

grey skys north carolina 27889
Poetry of the day review:Skies are still grey outside. Its been depressing lately, not only here but around the world. I Cant wait until the next clear day. While searching for grey skies poetry I came across this piece. I think the poem is really good and fits the weather perfect. I also tried searching for more work by her and couldnt find anything. Hmmmm. No wiki or anything.

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  1. love the poem and it complements the pic so well

  2. lovely stuff ;)
    thanks for sharing.

  3. It gives me a gloomy feeling :(

  4. good poem for the gloomy skies that I have overhead right now.

  5. Good stuff. Had a hard time focusing on it with the zippidy doo da old music playing, but I found the player at the bottom.

    Grey skies are no fun, and the older I get, the more I hate winter.

  6. It's very fitting with the weather we're having here.

  7. very good stuff, glad I'm following you.

  8. Good poem, I liked this one alot

  9. Great stuff :) Liking the poem :)

  10. Cool poem - very thought provoking

  11. I wonder if Grace Hutton is a pseudonym?

  12. Deep post! Thanks for sharing!


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