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Friday, March 18, 2011

Spring! by Alex Fischer

Spring! How beautiful is the
Spring! How wonderful is the
Spring! How majestic is the
Spring! How fantastic is the
Spring! How tantalizing is the
Spring! How glorious is the
Spring! How melodious is the
Spring! How joyful is the
Spring! How breathtaking is the
Spring! How uplifting the
Spring! How happy is the
Spring! How magnificent is the
Spring! How colorful is the
Spring! How tasteful is the
Spring! How memorable was the
Spring! How flavorful is the
Spring! How aromic is the
Spring! How sweet is
Spring! How beautiful is the

Alex Fischer

Alex Fischer started writing in the 8th Grade with short stories on a comical character called Agent 009 Handgun. Mostly using these for stories that had to be written for class, he never once thought that writing would be something he was interested in. By the 10th Grade he entered the world of poetry, and realized how much he adored it. Now in the 12th grade, Alex continues to write poetry and short stories, and even is working on a book and a play. In his seemingly long two years of writing he has written well over 80 poems and over a dozen short stories. Even though he does not believe himself to be a very good poet, many of his friends and family say otherwise.

a flower that i recently planted ^_^

Poetry REVIEW:
well... SPRINNNNNNNNG. My favorite time of the year <3



  1. One could also visualize the author of this poem riding a pogo stick whilst reciting it for the "Spring!" effect to take on a more lively character...

  2. Lovely, and simple. No unnecessary dress-up, just straight forward love of spring.

  3. Spring is a new coming for new life :D

  4. spring is awesome, except for allergies D:

  5. i like your blog
    mine has poetry too

  6. I have a spring in my steps for spring

  7. It was a beautiful day!

    This is certainly a lovely and appropriate

  8. oo i like spring too! ^_^ not too hot not too cold! <3

  9. I loove spring, and congrats on the 400 followers, keep the good work!

  10. Wow I really like your blog! Please check out mine:

    Hugs! :)

  11. meh, didn't like it that much

  12. I love the doom and gloom of winter....but hate being sick all the time, so Spring it is I suppose.


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