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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Life Is Fine by Langston Hughes

I went down to the river,
I set down on the bank.
I tried to think but couldn't,
So I jumped in and sank.

I came up once and hollered!
I came up twice and cried!
If that water hadn't a-been so cold
I might've sunk and died.

But it was Cold in that water! It was cold!

I took the elevator
Sixteen floors above the ground.
I thought about my baby
And thought I would jump down.

I stood there and I hollered!
I stood there and I cried!
If it hadn't a-been so high
I might've jumped and died.

But it was High up there! It was high!

So since I'm still here livin',
I guess I will live on.
I could've died for love--
But for livin' I was born

Though you may hear me holler,
And you may see me cry--
I'll be dogged, sweet baby,
If you gonna see me die.

Life is fine! Fine as wine! Life is fine!

by Langston Hughes

I have been here a few times.. The pain of a lost love is ever so consuming, almost consuming enough to be an-Hero. Like Langston Hughes said, life is fine, fine as fine wine, so why not just drink the day away until the pain fades. Become an epicureanist. EAT DRINK BE MERRY!!! Because Space will partially mend wounds eventually. We will all die eventually, so why let love kill us, even though love is more internally devastating then air strikes in Libya. Tho im not sure if Gaddafi feels the same way ^_^.

We - Die - For - Love
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  1. Do you think he believed "Life is fine," or was he merely and repeatedly trying to convince himself?

  2. Loving that, especially the last stanza. "I'll be dogged, sweet baby, if you gonna see me die."

  3. fine like wine indeed, nice pic

  4. That was a nice poem. I enjoyed it.

  5. Loving that, especially the last stanza. "I'll be dogged, sweet baby, if you gonna see me die."

  6. cool poem thank you for sharing it...

  7. This is timely for me. Tomorrow is one year since my fiance was found dead after taking her life. I just can't give up though, for some reason.


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