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Thursday, December 9, 2010




Let them bathe in the blood of another,
it will not be mine and they will not
send their own kin or kind
off to fight in their wars
for privilege and an office
on the sixty sixth floor.

Their power is the hammer.
Their wealth the anvil they beat against.
And we,
the living are the molten rod
they rage against.
Trying to form and shape us
into something different
than what we are.
They ever try
to pry more,
always more,
from an earth
that has drank her fill
of the living’s blood.

She is throwing up now,
back in their faces,
and they do not recognize it
though it be the very thing they desire,
blood ancient blood of souls long departed
from this dying place shocked and awed
to submission by their beauty.

A gorging gorgeous
that the living will never know.
Does not want to know or have.
The rich, the famous, the fabulous,
on their red carpet ride long stroll
over the blood of men forced to war
for them now long dead.
While the living scream
in a rage no more.

We care little for either hammer or anvil
for they have not got the strength
to wield the weight of the hammer
against our Master
who has a’ready shaped
us into something that
refuses to die for their
fear and amusement.

Canines they are,
but no, they are no match for
the dogs of war.
That is us, the living.
They are pack dogs
tail tucked in fear
knowing there is a line
they can not cross
less they be harmed in understanding
there are them they can not control.

Us the living ready now
Now ready to turn on them
to shred their body magnificent.

© M Durfee


  1. I looked
    yet I
    found not
    Words ye
    have written

    For what
    thy hand has
    placed upon
    this parchment
    is what I seek

    Yet I
    found not
    saw not
    read not
    one word

    Should I
    try again
    or go my way
    to find another
    this I ask

  2. dark and interesting... great poem!

  3. thats pretty sweet. One of the best thus far.

  4. Her face the book of praises, where is read. Supporting!

  5. oooo very powerful! Love the way this one was written! Thanks for another awesome find! =D

  6. Amazing poem! Love ist!

    Thank you so much for your lovely comments!

    From Munich With Love
    Angie -> http://munichstylelover.blogspot.com

  7. I'm follower 100. :) But seriously, this is a really neat blog. I haven't seen many blogs dedicated to poetry.

  8. My name is Mark Durfee. I am The Walking Man. First PIL thank you for doing this but if there is another one you'd like to use please ask first.


    I have no problem with this because you gave all the attribution information and even back linked which I do appreciate. Yet at the same time I and others have had a problem with plagiarism and had to decide whether to even write in a public venue. If you look on my right side bar you will see that all of the work on my blog is legally copyrighted by the office of patents and copy rights.

    OK enough of the bitching. Again thank you for getting this piece further into blogopia.

    I am not really a writer of love poetry or pretty images lately. After more than 4 decades of writing I have wrote of the pretty I have seen and still do occasionally but I have greater concerns now.

    I am concerned with the great downturn the world has taken and the class warfare that is being FORCED upon us. A man who will not stand for something will lay down for anything.

    I have never been one to lay down and stay silent when there is so much trouble in the world. I guess you could call it a "Detroit thing."

    The piece itself when you get into it is pretty self explanatory. They have wealth and power but we have mass and building momentum in the end we will have what has been stolen from us back or we ,motivated by our empty bellies will take to the streets and feed ourselves.

    This is a warning to them and a wake up call to us.

    At every reading I do I end pretty much with the same words.

    "Now is the time for all of the artists of every kind to stand and protest what is happening around us all. If you, sing, paint,write or sculpt it is our responsibility to raise the consciousness of the oppressed who are oppressed only because they listen to the lies and believe them. Society, civilization and the very earth that sustains us are teetering on the brink of unrepairable disaster and now it is time for our impact to be felt.

    Remember the man that stands for nothing will lay down for anything.

    Thank you all for you kind comments.

    Be Well

    Mark C Durfee

  9. exactly mark. I too have written all the pretty, love sappy things then the world has taken that way from me -sigh-

  10. This is so great!



  11. Amazing poem !
    Thank for your comment :)



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