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Wednesday, December 15, 2010



I shuffle through the fresh new snow while strolling in the park, 
Seeing shadows start to form as it is getting dark. 
So quietly and peacefully new snowflakes hit the ground, 
And form a pure white layer and they never make a sound. 
The soft flakes feel like drops of ice when drifting on my face, 
And everything feels fresh and clean as I walk through this place. 
The trees are covered with a coat of freshly fallen snow, 
Then some have icy branches that give off a crystal glow. 
The only sound that I can hear is little wisps of wind, 
But only for a moment then the air is still again. 
My heart is overflowing with a feeling from within, 
A gentle, soothing, calming feeling comes to me again. 
I stop to meditate and feel the breeze upon my face, 
I need this time alone to touch my feelings and embrace, 
The constant nagging question in my mind that causes doubt, 
Once again I ask myself "what is it all about?" 
December is upon us and the holidays are near, 
It is a month when peace on earth is echoed loud and clear. 
It is a month when people try to have good will toward man, 
But always seems that good will ends as quick and it began. 
If only people took the time to stop and smell the air, 
If only people took the time to treat all others fair. 
If only people did not feel they had to leave their mark. 
If only there were peace on earth as I feel in this park, 
As... I stood there thinking of the words that I just said, 
I recalled words, something like this, that long ago I read. 
It came to me as silently as snow upon the breeze, 
"If my people turn to me and fall upon their knees" 
I knew there was much more to it, those words were just the start, 
But those few words were all I needed deep within my heart. 
I did not need the other words, the meaning I had felt, 
And in the freshly fallen snow, I bowed my head and knelt. 
I felt the tears roll down my face and glisten in the snow, 
Tears of joy or tears of sorrow, that I did not know. 
I knew what I was feeling I could not feel on my own, 
And as I spoke these words I know I was not there alone. 
I understand I'm just one man, and lowly, meek and poor, 
And as I understand the words you said you wanted more. 
So peace I will not pray for but instead I'll pray for these, 
I pray that all who call your name will fall down on their knees. 
And at this Christmas season as so many times before, 
Understand the reason what this season was made for. 
Lift your prayers to heaven and then pray that they increase, 
Remember that this season was made for the Prince Of Peace. 
Copyright © James A. Kisner


  1. Some people see snow and create something beautiful. When I see it all I want to do is write my name in pee.

  2. I'm with Vapor on the snow.
    (Not literally.)

  3. did the "reason for the season" jingle originate from this poem?

  4. lovely blog, thanks for your sweet comment <3 and no no hehe i am terrible at posing! i guess you just kind of learn as you go!

  5. Again, beautiful You find such great selections. Thank you for posting.

  6. these poems would be more interesting to read if you didn't put them in a single plain font... just a suggestion, but how about fiddling with different fonts and colors and bolding and italics to bring the poem to life? exaggerate and emphasize certain parts. It'll make reading it less plain...

  7. Beautiful words. Your blog is like a temple. I love it!

  8. very nice, thx for sharing :)

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  10. I have never lived somewhere where it snowed regularly.

  11. Its good that you can appreciate other peoples work. It reveals your character...


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