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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Modern Love XXIII: 'Tis Christmas Weather by George Meredith

'Tis Christmas weather, and a country house 
Receives us: rooms are full: we can but get 
An attic-crib. Such lovers will not fret 
At that, it is half-said. The great carouse 
Knocks hard upon the midnight's hollow door, 
But when I knock at hers, I see the pit. 
Why did I come here in that dullard fit? 
I enter, and lie couched upon the floor. 
Passing, I caught the coverlet's quick beat:-- 
Come, Shame, burn to my soul! and Pride, and Pain-- 
Foul demons that have tortured me, enchain! 
Out in the freezing darkness the lambs bleat. 
The small bird stiffens in the low starlight. 
I know not how, but shuddering as I slept, 
I dreamed a banished angel to me crept: 
My feet were nourished on her breasts all night.

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  1. I love this stuff, it's definitely helping improve my Christmas mood! Excellent as usual buddy.

  2. Haha gets a little foot fetish-y there at the end...

  3. Very deamon esque! Perfect for christmas!

  4. HA...I'm with Radar-Mike...a little too Tarantino foot fetish for my liking!


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