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Monday, December 19, 2011

In Memoriam A. H. H.: 78. Again at Christmas did we weave by Lord Alfred Tennyson

Lord Alfred Tennyson Poetry

Again at Christmas did we weave
The holly round the Christmas hearth;
The silent snow possess'd the earth,
And calmly fell our Christmas-eve:

The yule-log sparkled keen with frost,
No wing of wind the region swept,
But over all things brooding slept
The quiet sense of something lost.

As in the winters left behind,
Again our ancient games had place,
The mimic picture's breathing grace,
And dance and song and hoodman-blind.

Who show'd a token of distress?
No single tear, no mark of pain:
O sorrow, then can sorrow wane?
O grief, can grief be changed to less?

O last regret, regret can die!
No--mixt with all this mystic frame,
Her deep relations are the same,
But with long use her tears are dry.

Famous Poetry Review:
I personally love his word usage its as if this man was a rapper in his day. His constant rhyming through the whole piece shows true mastery in his ability to manipulate words on a page. I also love of his reference to the occult also. Subtle yet his obviously displays understanding of the true origin of christmas as being pagan.

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  1. Beautiful poem. I like how the poet turns the idea of snow as a happy occurrence on it's head by showing how it is really the dead (dry) tears (rain) of the earth. Who is if I'm not mistaken perceived as a women in pagan culture.

  2. he used to drink in my local pub...apparently

  3. It's cool of you to point out how modern the style he uses poetry is, this is such a great poem, thanks for sharing it!

  4. I re read it imagining he was a rapper! And your right it works!


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