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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Traffic love poem : Me

So I'm changing lanes and there you are, my mind transcends into a plane of existence filled with butterfly kisses,and sweet nothings a few I love yous and tons of cuddling, then the light changes and reality returns back to nothing..

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  2. nice stuff!
    supportin & following!

  3. hmm u know what..makes me wanna dig up my old poetry I used to write years ago!

  4. This happens to me so much. Driving is just going through the motions. Sometimes I think so much I surprise myself that I'm already home.

  5. Hope you signaled and checked your mirror before that lane change.

  6. Too sad, also have to agree with Sucio

  7. Great piece with a hit of nostalgia that ones gets from missing someone!


  8. HEY, about what you said on my blog, I feel ya for the klepto thing, I stopped when a friend of mine got caught, I was lucky to get away, never ran that fast in my life, ha!
    Anyways, I'm not sure what kind of poetry you like but you should try Baudelaire and Charles Bukowski (if you don't already know them) they're both completely different but so great!
    big kiss

  9. even though I usually don't get the deep meanings in poetry in general..some wisly chosen and aranged words here and there brighten my day. thank you for casting a little light into today

  10. love it completely. you should post up more of your own work!



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