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Monday, November 29, 2010

Louise Labe : Sonnet VIII - I Live, I Die

Sonnet VIII - I Live, I Die
I live, I die, I burn with fire, I drown.
It matters very little what I feel;
All life is now too real, now too surreal;
Joy comes and endless boredom weighs me down,

And suddenly I laugh and then I cry;
With grief and bliss I’m weeping for the past;
Good feelings go away and yet they last,
And suddenly I bleed and then I sigh.

That’s how it goes. Strange, ever changing love
Has worn me out.  I wish I were removed
From such a star-crossed fate!  I need a truce

With Lady Luck.  Again and yet again,
Her wheel is spinning madly to produce
This wanton, wild, intense, exquisite pain.


  1. i got an uneasy, yet exciting feeling reading this!

  2. You are really talented. I wish I could write poems as well. But for now, I live vicariously through your natural ability. ;)

  3. Sonnets are such a great poetic form. :D

  4. great poem, you got good taste.

  5. 450 years? Sounds about right. Good poem none the less though!

  6. very timeless piece of poetry here. i like the contrasts (unsure of the proper literary term?)

  7. wow, this poem struck me deeply. thanks for posting it.

  8. Very beautiful poem. You could use some of these for Hallmark cards.

  9. they were saying "Lady Luck" back then too? wow....learn something new every day.


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