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Friday, October 7, 2011

occupy wall st by jediSwift


Im sick and tired
of being at the bottom
while the top one percent
is popping the bottles
 that i bought them
ive got lean and koolaid in my cup
(getting fucked up)
and im about to become
a problem soon
as i transform into
that one voice in the room
that one voice that the people salute
that one voice that will command the aks
to be aimed at you
but thats exactly what you want
riots and mashal law
thats why the patriot act
has survived so long
you take there lives from them
and mother fuckin homes
enslave them with lies
and kill their opportunity cost
then provide them with no jobs
like the bottom 99% of the population
is just a pawn
obviously you're just a weak king
that is why u take away their guns
and surround yourselves with the peoples queen
but their is one thing that you forgot
this is a democracy
and we the people
cant be stopped
occupy wall street
is just a start
the problem has gone on for too long
and i swear to god that you're gone

we sure as fuck dont need
another tyrant in this world
so you either retire
or get hurled
into the lake of fire

chorus x2:
occupy wall st
occupy the world
occupy wall st
every boy and every girl

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