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Friday, September 2, 2011

Sonnet 3 by William Shakespare


Whoso list to hunt, I know where is an hind,
      But, as for me: helas, I may no more.
      The vain travail hath wearied me so sore,
      I am of them, that farthest cometh behind.
   Yet may I by no means my wearied mind
      Draw from the deer; but as she fleeth afore
      Fainting I follow. I leave off therefore,
      Since in a net I seek to hold the wind.
   Who list her hunt, I put him out of doubt,
      As well as I, may spend his time in vain.
      And, graven with Diamonds, in letters plain,
   There is written, her fair neck round about:
      Noli me tangere, for Caesar's I am,
      And wild for to hold - though I seem tame.
Who so list to hount : I know where is an hynd, But, as for me : helas, I may no more. The vayne travail hath werid me so sore, I ame of theim, that farthest cometh behinde Yet, may I by no means, my weried mynde Drawe from the Der; but as she fleeth afore Faynting I folowe. I leve of therefore : Sins in a nett I seeke to hold the wynde. Who list her hount : I put him out of dowbte : As well as I : may spend his time in vain. And graven with Diamonds in letters plain : There is written, her faier neck rounde abowte : Noli me tangere for Cesars I ame And wylde for to hold : though I seme tame.


Whoso = whoever. list = desires. hind = a female deer. helas = a variant form of 'Alas'. Noli me tangere = Do not touch me (Latin). For Caesar's I am = I belong to the King. Possibly the poem refers to Anne Boleyn, who was chased by Henry VIII. Wyatt is supposed to have warned the King against her as she was too free with her favours.

by William Shakespear

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  1. " Since in a net I seek to hold the wind."

    love that part, nice poem :)

  2. Thanks for the notes, made the reading experience much more enjoyable.

  3. This will be the first and (hopefully) only time that Megan Fox and William Shakespeare would appear in the same page.

  4. Uncanny valley much Megan Fox? :|

  5. In Pericles, his queen and daughter, seen, Following!

  6. Awesome poetry, but Megan Fox...?

  7. This poem is by Thomas Wyatt, not Shakespeare. Also, Shakespeare is spelled two different ways here - and they are both wrong.

  8. it was fantastic and marvelous "umua" I love it


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