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Monday, April 18, 2011

I Taught Myself To Live Simply by Anna Akhmatova

I taught myself to live simply and wisely,
to look at the sky and pray to God,
and to wander long before evening
to tire my superfluous worries.
When the burdocks rustle in the ravine
and the yellow-red rowanberry cluster droops
I compose happy verses
about life's decay, decay and beauty.
I come back. The fluffy cat
licks my palm, purrs so sweetly
and the fire flares bright
on the saw-mill turret by the lake.
Only the cry of a stork landing on the roof
occasionally breaks the silence.
If you knock on my door
I may not even hear.

by Anna Akhmatova

Sorry for the quick post guise!! Good to see yall tho ^_^ 



  1. I agree with Grafted, it's very well written

  2. It's all about living the simple life like thoreau

  3. it's been a while....welcome back!

  4. Hey Guys wanted to let you know there is play about Anna Akhmatova currently running in New York. Here is all the info:
    I am writing to remind you of the opening of ANNA: Love In the Cold
    War, by Nancy Moss, a play about Anna Akhmatova.
    Anna Akhmatova was not only a first-rate poet but also, like all
    Russian intellectuals, a political prisoner in her own mind. Long
    before Andrei Sakharov and glasnost, she quietly resisted the Soviet
    system in general and Stalin in particular, which cost her personally.
    Her story is a microcosm of the quiet battle of the Russian artist
    against the State.
    In the play ANNA: Love In the Cold War, by Nancy Moss*, World War II
    has just ended. A visiting British don calls up the beautiful Anna
    Akhmatova in Leningrad. Will she see him? Amazingly, she says yes
    and launches a love affair that will unleash Stalin's wrath and put
    her in great danger. The play is directed by Josh Kashinsky and stars
    Matt W. Cody** and April Woodall**.
    Beginning Friday, April 22nd and running through Sunday, May 8th,
    ANNA: Love in the Cold War will be presented at the Dorothy Strelsin
    Theatre located at 312 West 36th Street (between 8th & 9th Avenues) on
    the first floor. Show times are Wednesday-Saturday at 8pm and Sunday
    at 2pm. There is no 8pm performance on Wednesday, Apr. 27th. Tickets
    are $18.00, $15.00 for students and seniors. Reservations 212-868-4444
    or www.smarttix.com. Information:
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  5. love your blog! keep up the quality posts!



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